The Graphene Report

The Graphene Report is the only report that is truly created “For the Graphene Industry, by the Graphene Industry“.

It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource available today covering graphene commercialization.


About The Graphene Report

Produced by The Graphene Council, The Graphene Report draws on the unique insights and access to information only available from a global community of more than 25,000 materials scientists and graphene commercial professionals. 

The Graphene Report is regularly updated to reflect the rapidly changing graphene market conditions and your purchase includes 1 full year of free updates, including a weekly Graphene Intelligence Briefing and access to informative webinars to help your organization better understand how to leverage graphene’s potential.

Your license is also valid for enterprise wide use without limitations or expensive up-charges based on the size of your organization.

 “The Graphene Report from The Graphene Council provides the single best source of current commercial graphene market intelligence. It covers the full value chain from graphene production to market applications and includes a highly useful review of graphene producer companies. I would recommend the report to anyone looking to gain a good understanding of the graphene landscape.”

James Baker, Director, Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC), University of Manchester, UK

What’s inside


Production Methods and Processes


Characterization and Measurement techniques


Types and forms of commercially available graphene materials


Graphene Market Pricing data


Review of current standardization efforts


Applications areas


Commercial Markets


Profiles of nearly 200 graphene producers world-wide


Glossary of Graphene terms


What you need to know about Graphene Market Reports

There are at least a dozen graphene market reports on offer at any one time, making it difficult to determine which are worth the average USD $5-6,000 price tags. 

The vast majority of these graphene reports come from consulting houses that prepare a wide range of documents, covering a broad array of different technologies, materials, products and industries, with graphene being just one of many. 

Buyers looking specifically to understand the current status of graphene commercialization and applications need to look for some important details to determine which is the most appropriate report for their particular needs. 

  1. When was the report first published and how often is it updated?
  2. How many pages does it contain, and how many are real content versus fluff?
  3. Is the author (whether an individual or company) an expert with a deep focus on graphene or is graphene just one of a multitude of topics covered?
  4. How many companies are covered and are they all really commercially relevant to graphene?
  5. Does the report prioritize “10 Year Forecasts” and “CAGR” over more in-depth and near term analysis?

Why “The Graphene Report” from The Graphene Council deserves your attention . . .

  1. The Graphene Report is updated on an ongoing basis with several new releases provided each year (purchasers of the report receive free updates for a full year AND weekly Graphene Intelligence briefings). 
  2. The Graphene Report contains straightforward, actionable intelligence about the graphene market based on the insights and understanding that can only be delivered by the oldest and largest trade association for the graphene sector. 
  3. The Graphene Council is focused like a laser on graphene, un-distracted by competing priorities. We have access to a global community of more than 25k materials scientists, all of whom have an interest in graphene and we are proud Founding Affiliate Members of the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Center (GEIC) at the University of Manchester, UK, the global “home” of graphene. 
  4. The Graphene Council maintains the largest and most up-to-date directory and intelligence database of graphene producing companies and entities, world-wide. We are also the administrators of the most rigorous third party validation services for graphene in the world; the Verified Graphene Producer™ and the the Verified Graphene Product™ programs. 
  5. At The Graphene Council, we do not believe that it is possible to forecast what the graphene market will look like in 10 years time with any accuracy. Graphene research and application development is evolving quickly and in unpredictable ways.  Instead, we cover near term commercial applications and regularly update our information, including weekly briefings that cover commercial, research and patent filings, world-wide, so you can make intelligent business decisions today.

Simply put, The Graphene Report is the single most comprehensive and up-to-date source of graphene market research available. 


Application Areas

Graphene Companies

The Graphene Report is a highly valuable tool for anyone interested in the commercial application of graphene and graphene enhanced materials and products, including; investors, graphene producers, product developers, corporate R&D teams, university technology transfer offices, corporate technology scouts, etc. 




Terrance Barkan CAE – As the Executive Director of The Graphene Council, Mr. Barkan works with industry verticals and platforms to identify and connect suppliers and end-users for successful commercial applications. 

For more than 30 years, Mr. Barkan has worked on a global basis in trade and professional societies including the science, technology, healthcare, security, IT and engineering sectors. He is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and specializes in developing international growth strategies for organizations. 

Since founding The Graphene Council in 2013, Mr. Barkan has developed a deep understanding of graphene and related materials, in particular as relates to issues of commercialization.

Dexter Johnson has been the Editor and Senior Analyst for The Graphene Council for the last five years, conducting in-depth interviews with leaders in the field of graphene.  Dexter has gained key insights into the challenges of commercializing graphene and how those challenges have been met and overcome.
Dexter has also spent the last twelve years as the primary nanotechnology editor for the flagship publication of the Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), IEEE Spectrum. During this time, he launched and was the primary contributor to the publication’s nanotechnology-related blog, The Nanoclast. The Nanoclast has provided in-depth analysis on both the R&D and business issues surrounding nanotechnology. Hundreds of these stories have been related to the development and commercialization of graphene, making “graphene” one of the most searched terms on the IEEE Spectrum website.


There are many people and organizations that have made a significant contribution to this report that we would like to acknowledge. They include James Baker and the incredible team at the University of Manchester UK and the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC) in the UK, Dr. Andrew Pollard and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) of the UK, Dr. Siva Bohm at The University of Cambridge (UK), Dr. Stephen Hodge of Versarien Ltd., Dr. Malika Bohm of Cami Consulting, Jeff Draa, CEO of Grolltex, Jesus de la Fuente, CEO of Graphenea, Mr. Ray Gibbs, former CEO of Haydale and now at the University of Manchester, and Dr. Francis Nedvidek of the Technical University of Dresden and author of the Foreword, Dr Dimitar Dimov, Founder & CEO of Concrene, and Dr. Rune Wendelbo, CEO of Abalonyx AS.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of the many people and graphene companies that are members of The Graphene Council. They are truly the pioneers in this new field and are providing the much-needed entrepreneurial energy to create an entire new industry.

There have also been vital contributions from our partner organizations, who have helped us to inform and educate entire classes of industry stakeholders about the potential for graphene to improve their products. These include the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA), TechConnect, a community of more than 400,000 innovation specialists, The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), Composites World (CW), a leading trade publication for the composites sector, JEC World, organizers of the leading trade show for the composites sector in Europe. Other partners include the Society for Specialty Protective Coatings (SSPC) as well as NACE International. Both are global societies for corrosion prevention and protection specialists. And finally, we would like to acknowledge SAE International, an association consisting of 200,000 transportation-related engineers worldwide.

Advisory Services

If you are looking for subject matter experts to help with your graphene production, procurement or application development and commercialization requirements, The Graphene Consultants division of The Graphene Council is you ideal resource. We have access to a global network of academic and commercial experts from the leading organizations invoved in the research, production and commercialization of graphene and related 2D materials. 

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